Exhibition: Investigating Indonesia

Get acquainted with Leiden research on Indonesia: the exhibition Investigating Indonesia, on view in the University Library as of 16 October, highlights seven eminent researchers from Leiden University and The Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies (KITLV). Admission is free.

The exhibition demonstrates the fruitful dialogue between research and the library’s collections. Simultaneously Investigating Indonesia celebrates the birth of the world’s largest library on Indonesia.

The exhibition will be on view until 22 January 2015

From Pop to Islamic Female Leadership

Present  research on Indonesia in Leiden, current and innovative, builds on a rich tradition and stands out through its diversity. The social and legal implications of the implementation of large-scale biofuel projects, the rich diversity of the oral languages of Timor, the position of pop music in contemporary Indonesia and the influence of female Islamic preachers on society are some of the subjects under scrutiny. An extraordinary feature are the videos that record daily life, part of a project in which the same localities are filmed every three years, Recording The Future.

Abundance of Resources

Let the richness of the media that researchers use fascinate and intrigue you. Letters, notebooks, manuscripts with legal and literary texts, maps, and photographs of archeological sites are traditional sources for any scholar. The  CDs containing sermons, popular music cassettes, folders of political campaigns and videos of daily life on view might be less expected, but are equally as important to the researchers. Their variety reflects the abundance and state-of-the-art character of the library’s collections.

Asian Library

The merging of the collections of the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT), The Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies (KITLV), and the Asian collections of Leiden University Libraries has created the world’s largest collection on Indonesia and the Caribbean. It will be at the heart of the recently founded Asian Library, where it will join collections from Japan, China, Korea and South Asia, to create an inexhaustible resource for researchers. The Asian Library will be a central focal point for study, research, and encounters between those with a profound interest in Asia and its position in the world.


In November the exhibition will be accompanied by a series of four lectures about Indonesia and the Caribbean.

Practical information

The address of the University Library is Witte Singel 27, 2311 BG in Leiden.

The exhibition is open for visitors during opening hours of the library building.

Please note:

·         The library will be closed on the following holidays: December 25 and 26, January 1.

Leiden University Libraries organises at least three exhibitions each year, making ample use of the rich collections at Leiden University. Most exhibitions are a collaboration with researchers and education at the university, frequently with the involvement of other Leiden museums and institutions. The exhibition space is freely accessible near the entrance area of the library.

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