Recent acquisitions

Follow the new acquisitions of the libraries closely. Also available via RSS!

With the online acquisitions lists you can browse the publications per subject that have recently been added to the collections of Leiden University Library.

The acquisition lists cover:

  • New purchases
  • Newly licenced (e-)journals.
  • Items donated to the library.
  • Items that previously were not included in the Catalogue.
  • Databases that have been added to the Digital Library.
The lists include new items of the current month and past 2 months.

How does it work?

The acquisition lists are located on the webpages of the various disciples (see the list below). Click on the name of a list to launch an overview of recent acquisitions in the Catalogue. In the Catalogue, you can easily see where an item is located and request it if desired. 
You can also subscribe to the RSS feed of an acquisition list. New titles will be added to your RSS reader. All titles contain a link to the Catalogue. To subscribe to a feed, right click the RSS link next to the acquisition list, copy the shortcut and paste it into your RSS reader. 
In WorldCat, you can view all recent acquisitions (not sorted by discipline) of the Leiden University Libraries, including cover images. This also offers an RSS feed. 


The acquisition lists do not cover 100% of the new titles. The lists result from Catalogue queries; new titles that do not match these queries, are therefore not included in the lists.



Campus The Hague

Public Administration


Fine Arts
History of Science
Journalism and New Media
Religious Studies
Languages and Cultures; Area studies


Private Law
Public Law
Criminal Law and Criminology
Metalegal studies
Tax Law and Economics

Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Not yet available.


Acquisitions Waleus Library

Social and Behavioural Sciences

Cultural Anthropology
Education and Child Studies
Political Sciences
Public Administration

Last Modified: 17-08-2015