East Asian Library

Collections East Asian Library

The collection of the East Asian Library is being relocated from the Arsenaal to the University Library or the closed stacks at the Van Steenis Building.

Construction started on Asian Library

Leiden University is building a new Asian Library on top of the University Library (UB) at the Witte Singel in Leiden. Work starts on 26 April 2016, and is expected to last until the end of December.

Project Asian Collections

The 'Asian Collections' project, which started in 2013, is a large project dedicated to catalogue all Asian collections at Leiden University Libraries, i.e. the collections at the Arsenaal building of Chinese, Japanese and Korean, plus all Asian materials at the UB Witte Singel of the former Kern Institute. Together with the KITLV-collections, these collections will be merged into our future 'Asian Library'.

East Asian Library blog

The East Asian Library has its own blog with background information on the Chinese, Japanese and Korean collections, detailed information on the most important databases in the field of Asian studies, and lots of other useful and interesting links for our library. You can find our blog through eastasianlibrary.wordpress.com .

Addresses and opening hours 2016

This is an overview of the addresses and opening hours for 2016 of the Leiden University Libraries and the Leiden University Medical Center's Library (Walaeus).

Contact persons

This is an overview of contact persons for collections, management, Public Relations, Scaliger Institute and others.

Accessibility and house rules

The collection of the East Asian Library is accessible to all students, staff members and researchers of Leiden University. Others can also use the facilities for study and research.

Multimedia and television

The East Asian Library has a multimedia room with tv, video and dvd equipment where one can watch and listen to all the multimedia materials available in the East Asian collections. Use of the equipment is free of charge.

Quickly find a free PC in the library

How many computer workstations are available and where at the library? Check out realtime information on our website and on Leiden University’s mobile site. Now also available for the Law Library.

Remote access to e-jounals

From a recent customer satisfaction survey and frequently asked questions, we at the library have noticed that you find remote access to our collections tricky. Here are three simple steps to get remote access to e-journals and databases.