New Picarta version

A new version (V5.2) of PiCarta, the joint catalogue of nearly all major Dutch libraries,  is available from Monday, June 6. Although there are no major differences from the old version, this new version does offer several functional approvements:

  • 3 New tabs have been addes on the start screen: NCC and subcatalogues, Online Contents and  Special catalogues.

  • All users, also the ones without ILL-account, can now save and download titles in a (temporary) archive.

  • Copies with status 'on order' will not be shown anymore.

  • Different editions of one publication will be presented in the new version as one record , mentioning that there are similar titles available, which can be requested by the user with a mouse click.

You can consult Picarta via the Catalogue (tab Find Databases). If you are consulting the database from a computer outside the library you need your ULCN login details (this latter service is restricted to students and staff of Leiden University).
Go straight to Picarta.

More information about this new version, you will find on the PiCarta website (Dutch).
If you have any questions about PiCarta or this new version, use the Ask a librarian service.

Last Modified: 12-03-2012