Contact persons

This is an overview of contact persons for collections, management, Public Relations, Scaliger Institute and others.

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General Collections: Subject Librarians

The subject librarian can help you with:

  • Questions about library products and vvices
  • Assistance in searching and assessing literature
  • Questions about a certain field of study in the collection
  • Suggestions for acquisitions
  • (Material) donations

For lecturers and researchers, there is a large offer of services.

Subject Librarians:  
Archaeology Patrick Gouw
Art History & Literary Studies Annemiek Ouwerkerk
Caribbean  Isabel Brouwer
Chinastudies Marc Gilbert
History & Classics Patrick Gouw
Dutch Studies, Eastern Europe (incl. Slavic Languages), German, Linguistics, various languages Jan Paul Hinrichs
French, Italian & English Fieke Schoots
History of Science Susanne van Rijn
International Studies  vacancy, for matters contact Patrick Gouw
Japanstudies & Koreastudies Nadia Kreeft
Latin America (incl.Spanish and Portuguese) Isabel Brouwer
Library and Information Science Sah Farooq
Media and Professional Studies Marijke van Kester / Marjo Oldenhof
Middle East and Islamic world

Birte Kristiansen

Philosophy & Religious Studies Susanne van Rijn
South and Southeast Asia & Tibet Marije Plomp 
Criminology and Criminal Law Marjo Oldenhof
Fiscal Law & Economics, Private Law Sah Farooq
Metalegal Studies, Public Law Damiaan van Eeten
Medicine See website of the Walaeus Library

Rutger de Jong

Social and Behavioural Sciences  
Anthropology, Education & Child Studies, Psychology Marijke van Kester
Political Science Marjo Oldenhof
Campus The Hague   
Public Administration Marjo Oldenhof
Leiden University College vacancy, for matters contact Susanne van Rijn


Services for researchers


Fieke Schoots

Michelle van den Berk

Data- en textmining Isabel Brouwer
Geodata/GIS Patrick Gouw
Open Access Michelle van den Berk

Special Collections

The curator can help you with:

  • Questions about library products and services
  • Assistance in searching and assessing literature
  • Questions about the Special Collections
  • Suggestions for acquisitions
  • (Material) donations

For lecturers and researchers, there is a large offer of available services.

Archives Mart van Duijn
Chinese manuscripts and printed works Marc Gilbert
Japanese manuscripts and printed works Nadia Kreeft 
Maps & atlases Martijn Storms
Oriental manuscripts and printed works Arnoud Vrolijk
Photography Maartje van den Heuvel
Printed works and bibliophile editions Anton van der Lem
Prints and drawings Jef Schaeps
South & Southeast Asian manuscripts and printed works Doris Jedamski
Western manuscripts (medieval)  André Bouwman
Western manuscripts (post medieval) Mart van Duijn


Library locations

Head Library Locations & Services Liesbeth van der Poort
Location Head, University Library Jacqueline van der Linde
Location manager, Law Library (Kamerlingh Onnes Gebouw) Emke Clifford Kocq van Breugel
Location manager, Social and Behavioral Sciences Library (Pieter de la Court) Marga van de Munt
Location manager, Science Library (Gorlaeus & Snellius) Ans van der Vlist
Location manager, East Asian Library (Arsenaal) Raju Bakker
Location manager, Library Learning Centre Campus Den Haag a.i. Liesbeth van der Poort-de Jong


Director & Staff  
University Librarian & Director of Leiden University Libraries Kurt De Belder
Research & Education Services Division
Manager, Research & Education Services Division Kees Konings
Head Faculty Liaison & Services Hetty Verhagen 
Head Information & User Support Anneke Dirkx
Head Library Locations & Services Liesbeth van der Poort
Chief Curator  André Bouwman
Head Special Collections Services Matthijs Holwerda
Library Process Support Division
Manager, Library Process Support Division  Bas Vat
Head Digital Services Hugo de Krijger
Head Innovation & Projects Laurens Seesink
Head Metadata Services & Acquisitions Jacob Heeren
Head Stacks Maintenance & Services Rob Buijing
Directeur  Marrik Bellen 



Other contact persons

Communications Advisor Erik Weber
Communications Officer (special collections, The Asian Library) Ymke van Wijgerden
Conservation Specialist Karin Scheper
Controller & Facility Manager Ruud Witmer
Coordinator Scaliger Institute / External Relations Officer Kasper van Ommen
Copyright Information Office Damiaan van Eeten
Information Specialists James ter Beek
Dorien Haarman
Els Koeneman
Mieneke van der Salm
Marian Smit
Joke van Soest
Friends of Leiden University Libraries Foundation

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