KRpia - Korean ebooks database

KRpia is a large Korean language ebook database including many reference works like encyclopaedias, dictionaries, historical and archival resources, biographical sources and other reference materials related to Korean history, literature, civilization and medicine.

The main page of has 11 subject categories for browsing and many ebooks to choose from. Furthermore, there is an easy to use search screen. KRpia also contains the image files of original texts in classical Chinese with the translated version searchable in Korean.

One noteworthy feature is the links to the Institute for the Translation of the Korean Classics, and Korean Studies Advancement Center, and Chonnam University Museum. provides the integrated search capability across these institutions' databases.

The search can be extended into DBpia, the fulltext journal database to which our library has access as well. not only supports old Korean, but also Chinese, Japanese and Russian.

Last Modified: 08-12-2011