Courses at the Law Library

The Law Library offers several courses.

Toolbox Finding Scholarly Information

The library presents an online tutorial that offers the students the opportunity to practice searching the Catalogue. The tutorial is part of the Toolbox Finding Scholarly Information. The Toolbox consists of a selection of online courses in information literacy. There is also a virtual tour of the Law Library available which allows the students to familiarize themselves with the Law Library and its facilities.

Course for Moot Court LLC students

A library skills training is offered as part of the LLC program course Moot Court Public International Law. This training is taught in English. The learning objectives of the training are to develop search skills for the online Catalogue and bibliographic databases. For further  information, please contact mr. D. van Eeten LL.M MA.

Thesis instructions for Master students

Students who are experiencing difficulties in the initial phases of their master thesis research can turn to the subject librarians of the Law Library for assistance. To make an appointment, please contact the subject librarian for your specific field:

Private Law, Tax Law, Economics   ms. S. Farooq, LL.M
Public Law, Metalegal Studies mr. D. van Eeten, LL.M, MA
Criminal Law, Criminology  ms. M. Oldenhof, MA


Course for Leiden Law Master students

The Virtual Tour and the Tutorial “Leiden Catalogue” are designed to introduce LLM students to the services and collections of the Law Library. Also general information on the library is available. For further information, please contact mr. D. van Eeten LL.M MA.

Last Modified: 29-08-2016